December 14, 2022
December 14, 2022

NeoGold: Real-World Asset NFT's

Have you heard about the future of asset ownership? No? Welcome to Real-world asset NFTs or RWANFTs!

NeoGold: Real-World Asset NFTs

Have youheard about the future of asset ownership? No? Welcome to Real-world asset NFTsor RWANFTs!

What is aRWANFT?

A RWANFTis a token that denotes virtual ownership of a physical good.Those of you whoare familiar with a standard NFT know what you get — virtual ownership of avirtual item on the blockchain.

EnterRWANFTs — Real World Asset NFTs.

A RWANFTflips the script — you get a virtual asset, and you also receive rights to aphysical asset. In short, a RWANFT is a token that denotes virtual ownership ofa physical good.

So howdoes it work?

A RWANFTis paired with NeoNomad’s NFT smart contracts to enable warranties, insurance,and legal enforceability of ownership of the real-world asset. RWANFTs enable alevel of trust unseen in the digital world. Welcome to the future of assetownership.

Let’stalk about MinDeFI

MinDeFiprovides precious metal NFTs backed by real gold and silver. Each MinDeFi NFTwill be issued with a DigitalPM (Precious Metals) guarantee, which will showclaims and warranties related to the NFT. NeoNomad’s gold and silver NFTs willbe issued as a unique individual art piece and will be backed by a physical,uniquely numbered gold or silver bar stored in a secure vault. So when youpurchase one of the NFTs in the collection, you get the virtual NFT asset aswell as a physical bar related to the precious metal you purchase. We verifythis with the serial number on the NFT. The serial number will tie to thephysical bar in the vault. Therefore, the value of the physical gold or silverbacks the NFT, making it an asset-backed NFT.

So how doyou verify your NFT? The NFT can be verified by checking the vault auditreports, which are conducted by an accredited auditor. The reports are alwaysavailable to all NFT owners. By owning the gold or silver NFT and the physicalgold or silver bar, the owner is provided with a multi-layered yield in theform of a unique art piece and a real-world asset!

MinDeFiwill augment the mining industry in South Africa by providing NFTs backed byprecious metals and minerals like gold, silver, diamonds, iron, and manganese.Through MinDeFi, investors are offered a new and innovative way to invest inprecious metals. Gold and silver will be the focus of the first phase ofMinDeFi NFTs, with NeoGold making its debut as the forerunner of the MinDeFiinvestment vehicle. The NeoGold investment offers investors a new way to investin a timeless commodity — gold.

An ownerof a NeoNomad NeoGold RWANFT can request physical custody of the gold bar atany time. Artists can create ultra-rare editions of unique art by binding theart to physical gold. Collectors can buy and sell across marketplaces as easilyas with existing NFTs. All certificates, legal contracts, and other evidenceare cryptographically signed and secured on-chain and stored on Inter PlanetaryFile System (IPFS). Chainlink will provide proof of reserve to validate that goldassets are physically stored in the vault at all times, unless the ownerrequests physical custody of their asset. Chainlink price feeds for gold willbe used to ensure that on-chain prices remain up to date with current goldprices.

MinDeFiwill incorporate more metals and minerals in time, providing truly diversifiedinvestment options. MinDeFi provides a new approach to investing in preciousmetals via a sustainable and transparent investment instrument.

So, whyGold?!

Let’sstart with the obvious. It’s gold! One of the most valuable precious metals onearth. Historically, kingdoms have risen and fallen in power over gold itself.Societies have been fascinated with gold for centuries. When markets go down,people tend to invest in gold as a hedge against the drop in the market and arise in inflation.

The USMonetary system used to be based on the gold standard until Nixon changed thisback in 1971 (what a mistake!). The value of gold has stood the test of timeand economic decline. Historically, people have invested in gold through thestock market. You can invest in actual gold bullion or shares of gold-miningcompanies. The most common way of doing this today is through gold (GLD) ETFs(Exchange-traded funds). ETFs simply hold gold, and you get a share of theseholdings when you invest in the fund.

Societiesalways fall back on gold. When other forms of currency don’t work — gold jumpsin! Everywhere you go, it is accepted in some shape or form. There’s a finitesource of it, making it valuable due to scarcity. But there is also enough ofit to create coins, jewelry, and other valuable items. It also doesn’t corrode,giving it a sustainable value.

So how doyou get to own gold?

In simpleterms — you generally don’t. Unless you purchase jewelry, most gold ispurchased as more of an “IOU” as a standard. Usually, this means you’re buyinggold grams in bank vaults. But you don’t have access to the physical piece ofgold. This pretty much means that if the person selling you the IOU (ie. thebank) goes under, you’ll never see the gold.

RWANFTssolve this problem! When you purchase the NFT, the gold bar is yours. You canrequest physical custody at any time.

But howdo we do it?

This is abig question! How do we manage to provide you with the actual gold piece?

A NeoGoldNFT is a digital identity for an object in the form of a unique smart contractthat manages authentication, provenance, and rights associated with a givenasset. The NeoGold NFT is tethered to physical gold bullions secured in aphysical vault. The NFT owner can buy and sell across marketplaces as easily asexisting ERC — 721 NFTs.

When youbuy this RWANFT on-chain, you automatically get ownership rights over aphysical gold bar. The NFT, which is a unique piece of virtual art, is tied tothe physical gold asset via serial number. You are then free to hold, sell orrequest physical custody of your gold.

Whatabout Liquidity?

TheNeoGold NFTs have a buy-back mechanism built into the smart contract to ensurethat the NFTs are always liquid. The NFTs will always be bought back at marketvalue, plus fees. It’s our way of guaranteeing liquidity.

What dowe mean when we mention “multi-layered yield”? Put simply, it refers tomultiple ways of earning value.

Asmentioned, when you purchase a NeoGold NFT, you receive an art piece in theform of an NFT that the gold is tethered to. So two things cause a raise invalue here. One — as the price of gold rises, the value of the RWANFT rises. Atthe same time, the NFT it is tied to holds value on its own, and is likely to appreciatein value.

One ofour goals here is to eliminate market manipulation. The market can be fickle,easily manipulated by a simple word from a celebrity that pumps an NFT orcrypto. Since RWANFTs are backed by physical, stable assets, they are protectedfrom this kind of extreme market manipulation.

So whenare we launching?

We areexpecting to be live in 2023. So very soon!

What canyou do to get ready for the NeoGold launch?

Purchasinga NeoGold RWANFT collectible has never been easier! When you buy and Hodl yourNNI tokens you automatically get the opportunity to purchase one of ourexciting NeoGold RWANFTS.

Whatchain is NeoNomad we on?

Currently,we are established on Solana and Binance Smart Chain. AVAX, Polygon, andEthereum support will be added in the future.

You canget our token (Neonomad Investment token (NNI)) on the NeoNomad swap page:

And on XTand Pancake swap: b8a146c

And onthe Solana Blockchain through Raydium:

You cansee our team here: (also taking a visit to ourwebsite)

We arebreaking ground on a new industry of multi-layered yield income.

We aim torevolutionize the traditional NFT space and give people a legitimateopportunity at earning wealth in a diversified range of ways. Gold and silverare just the start of what will eventually be a huge market for anyone to takepart in. The average person doesn’t normally have access to these kinds ofopportunities and we want to enable everyone the opportunity to diversify theirinvestments. Everyone deserves the opportunity to create and grow their wealth.NeoGold RWANFTs are going to set the standard for accessible, stable, anddiversified NFT investments that promise to transform the DeFi space.

Highlightedaspects of Neogold:

● NeoGoldis a unique smart contract that manages authentication, provenance, and rightsassociated with gold assets.

● TheNeoGold NFT is tethered to physical gold bullions secured in a physical

● The NFTowner can buy and sell across marketplaces as easily as existing ERC — 721NFTs, with all the certificates, legal contracts, video, and other evidencecryptographically signed and secured on-chain and stored on IPFS.

● TheNeoGold NFTs have a buy-back mechanism built into the smart contract to ensurethat the NFTs are always liquid.

● As theprice of gold rises, the value of the RWANFT rises. At the same time, the rareart piece it is tied to holds value on its own and is likely to rise.

● Gold isits own stable asset, which reduces the chances of market manipulation andinstability.

● TheNeoGold RWANFTs are established on the Solana blockchain alongside Binance smartchain. There are plans to expand to AVAX, Polygon, and Ethereum support in thefuture.